Genesis students, using classical methodology, learn very early to speak in public. Group music and drama performances are very effective, however, it takes more courage to stand alone in front of the public.

On February 23, all GCA students PreK – 4th grade participated in our first annual “Speech Meet.” With the exception of the preschoolers who performed as a group, each student had six weeks to, independent of the school day, memorize a passage of scripture, a story or tale, a poem, or interactive recitation. The oratory pieces were individual in nature and performed in front of over 100 people.

Each child has a different aptitude for memorization and delivery. It is the goal of GCA to guide and fully empower each child with the ability to excel at both becoming great orators.


Ada (K-1)

Avery (K-1)

Drake (K-1)

Liberty (K-1)

Molly (K-1)

Samuel (K-1)

Talin (K-1)

Abby (Gr 3-4)

Ava (Gr 3-4)

Ben (Gr 3-4)

Elijah (Gr 3-4)

Gavin (Gr 3-4)

Rhionna (Gr 3-4)

Ruby (Gr 3-4)

Carter & Aiden (Gr 3-4)

Lindsey (Gr 3-4)