Fine Arts


Music is a very important component of a classical education. At Genesis Classical Academy, students participate in singing from the first day of Preschool through graduation day – not only in formal music classes, but also in chapel, JAM (Jesus And Me time) and in the classroom. Music is a universal language, and as such students learn not only to speak (sing) the language, but also to read and write musical notation, through incorporation of music theory. The study of various genres and periods of music history help us understand other cultures, both past and present.  And combining music with movement (dance) improves coordination, balance, and rhythm.

Making music stimulates a broad range of neural pathways in the brain, having a positive impact on memory, cognitive development, and mood.  Singing with others in a group can build camaraderie and confidence, and performing for others – whether at a Christmas concert, Veterans Day program, or for residents of a senior care facility – is a way for our students to “give back” to the community.

But perhaps most importantly for us as a Christian community, singing is a way to worship our Creator and brings incredible joy! I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live! Ps 104:33


Students at Genesis Classical Academy receive individual piano lessons in Grades 3 – 5 as part of the curriculum. They continue with an instrument in Grades 6 through 8, and can choose either piano, guitar, or violin.  Lessons are also available for older students for an additional charge, on a space-available basis.

In the spring of the year, students perform instrumental and vocal selections in front of a judge, who works with the students to encourage and improve their musicianship.


The pillars of classical education are truth, goodness, and beauty. Through the study of art, students at Genesis Classical Academy have the opportunity not only to discover true beauty through the work of classical masters, but also to create their own masterpieces and develop their artistic skills. Students have the opportunity to practice with various media such as drawing, painting, and sculpture.

In the spring, students are able to display their creations for the community at an art show, and this year our high school students will be able to participate in a Visual Arts competition through the Minnesota State High School League.


During the rhetoric stage of the Trivium, students focus on presenting their position persuasively and eloquently, and communicating clearly in both the written and spoken word.  The capstone of their classical education is a Junior Thesis and a Senior Thesis, which are presented before their parents, board members, staff, and a panel of experts.

Students are given ample opportunity to become comfortable in front of an audience long before their thesis, however.  Each year students in Kindergarten through Grade 12 present a recitation before a panel of judges who encourage and give constructive critiques at our annual Speech Meet.