Where Did You Go?

by Jamie Bonnema

It seems that the ink in the pen has been dry for quite a while. The fluid thoughts and heartfelt responses to everyday life came to a screeching halt when suddenly more was on the plate than anyone expected. The moments in which ideas did began to form were stolen by the harsh reality of the aggressive type of reactions that were happening so frequently—by people we love, by colleagues, by neighbors, by friends, by family members, and by people we have never even met, too.

And so, many, many blogs ended with only a first paragraph, and abandoned with more disheartening thoughts, adding to the already heavy burden: What if this is taken the wrong way? Will this be taken out of context? Will people understand the heart behind the thoughts or will they read it in their own tone and apply their own pre-conceived perspective to the meaning? For someone just trying to do good, provoke thought, and challenge our own thinking, this has been a writer’s dream (with so much to write about) and nightmare (I am opening myself up to attack) all in one.

There are times when God gives us a message and we just go. Other times we second guess that message, maybe deciding if it is safe to proceed or not. Subconsciously we are weighing the cost. But all too often, we forget to weigh the cost of not acting—and those consequences we may not even be able to imagine. But God knows the cost from all angles. He also knows the blessing should we follow Him.

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