Equipping Our Children

by Jamie Bonnema

If I had written about a chapter of my life, specifically of the past year and a half, I would have begun the chapter by describing how challenging life has become. As this chapter drags on, I would say life is no longer a challenge—it is an intense battle. I think we can all agree that we long for a new chapter to begin soon. Hopefully, this part of the story is similar to stepping out of the desert, leaving behind slavery, plagues, and hearts that wander aimlessly away from God. Life lately has become about reflection, and part of looking further inside involves my responsibility and privilege as a parent.

Our parenting has always been about raising our kids to be good stewards of what God has given and helping them find their identity in Christ. All of this, plus keeping them alive and healthy, seems like an enormous undertaking that can break at any point. Our family depends on God’s grace every moment.

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