The Real Enemy

by Jamie Bonnema

Nearly two months ago, I found myself in situations where I’d rather not be. I reacted to what was going on around me, responded to an opinion, or took a stand and ended up walking in front of a crowd to be stoned. It happened over and over again. Please don’t pity me—I make my own decisions, right or wrong, and make them with good intentions. Good intentions don’t always lead to friendly places, though, and can lead to misunderstandings that may cost relationships or reputations. Good intentions can even reveal differences that cannot be reconciled while also holding onto God’s best for our lives—but that is another topic for another day. But whether it was filling up with too much reality (or social media), or if I was just feeling too many stones hit me square, I got to the point where I couldn’t look around and not be angry. I had to walk away to examine the condition of my heart. I needed to reassess my actions and the reasons for my choices. Knowing that so many others are feeling the same thing, this is what I wrote then, and I’ll update you at the end:

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