Dear Parents: A love letter from your child’s teacher…

Dear Parents,

February is the month of hearts and flowers and Valentine’s Day, so I am sending you this love letter. It is not as much about you, as it is about someone we both love dearly—your child.

As parents, you are the primary teacher and guardian of your child, and I know you loved your child first. But I get to spend a large part of each day with your precious child, and even though I didn’t plan for it, I fell in love—with your child, and all the other children I am privileged to teach.

We both want the same thing for your child—that he or she can be holy, healthy, and happy—in that order. I want your child to learn about science and math and great literature and music, and I want your child to develop good character and healthy relationships. However, nothing matters as much in the span of eternity as having your child develop a personal relationship with Jesus.

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Embracing the “Extra”

by Shanna Meyer

When asked to describe what it’s like being the parent to a child with special needs, my first feeling is that of instant gratitude—gratitude that I am blessed to be the mom to such an amazing little soul. Every child is a gift from God. The only thing different about the life of a child with special needs is that it comes with a little (sometimes a lot) of “extra.” At times that extra can be scary for the entire family, but just like anything new in life, you learn to adapt. And even though it might not be what you expected, if you embrace that extra you will realize just how lucky you are. And for everyone who is blessed to know and be a part of that special needs child’s life, they will also get to experience the wonders that a little extra has to offer.

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