Eighty-Eight Keys and a Million Dreams – 2019 Spring Fling Recap

by Judy Ness

“A Good Time was Had By All” is the title of a book of poetry by English author Stevie Smith (published in 1937), but this description could just as easily apply to the guests who attended Genesis Classical Academy Spring Fling, held on April 6th, 2019 at the Winnebago school gymnasium.

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Getting Our Kids Involved

by Jamie Bonnema

The sun is shining. The weather is warm. The disappearing snow confirms the season that is upon us. It is spring cleaning time, and we are ready to accomplish more. That feeling soon turns into some kind of strange super-hero strength, and we intend to face our mental list as soon as possible, everything at once, and we will slow down for no one!

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The 4th “C”

By Judy Ness

At Genesis Classical Academy, we speak often about “the 3 C’s” – Christ, Character, and Classical education. These three elements are the pillars upon which the school is built, and are the lens through which every challenge or opportunity is viewed, and every decision is made.

Lately, however, I have been thinking about another “C” – one that is rarely named, but never-the-less is an essential part of Genesis Classical Academy.

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