Ready… Set… Go?
Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

As the corn grows taller and tassels out, and the summer days grow shorter, the questioning begins. Should we send our child to kindergarten in the fall, or do we wait another year? Is Johnny ready? Will Susie be able to keep up?

For my family, when to send our youngest to kindergarten was a heavy decision. He has an early fall birthday and was (and still is) the youngest in his class. If you are anything like me, the decision to send your child to kindergarten or wait a year will change many times before the first day of school. Our youngest thrived and it was the right decision to send him to kindergarten when we did. However, we know thriving in kindergarten as a young 5-year-old or even an older 6-year-old is not always the case. We have all heard the stories of children who weren’t ready. They did not have success, and school became a battle—a battle that lasted much longer than just the kindergarten year. This is the very reason we as parents fret.

I have a two-fold purpose for this blog post: first, to share some characteristics that you can help develop in your child to prepare him or her for kindergarten and secondly, to propose that we just might be asking the wrong question.

Characteristics needed for success in kindergarten are natural developmental milestones that most 5-year-olds display. Do your little ones show an interest in learning? Do they like to listen to stories, look at books, or ask questions about how things are made or where they come from? Do they want to help build things, pick flowers, look at animals, or help you cook? Can they retell their favorite story or movie? Do they play pretend? These activities keep you busy and always on your toes, but they are the actual clues that your child is ready for kindergarten. An average 5-year-old wants to be independent, can handle his/her emotions, has solid oral communication skills, and is capable of using the restroom unassisted. Most children naturally develop these characteristics by age 5 or 6. Congratulations Mom and Dad, your child is ready.

But, is kindergarten ready for my child? I think this is the true question with which we as parents wrestle. Will the teacher be compassionate with Johnny, or will she be too busy to notice? Will the teacher communicate and listen to me or simply assume she knows what’s best for Susie?

Choosing a kindergarten for your child is a very important decision to make. Finding a kindergarten that matches the needs of your child will help foster a positive and encouraging environment for the rest of your child’s education.

Here at Genesis Classical Academy, we pray for our students every day. Each subject is taught from a Christian perspective. Compassion and respect are two of the main principles that guide our administration and staff. We use proven and timeless classical methodology to educate every child in every subject—from phonics and spelling to art and music. We challenge our students with song, movement, facts, memorization, rigorous academics, Biblical education, experiments, demonstrations, presentations, and so much more. We are engaged in the learning process with your child and are consistently ready for your child to learn more and more. We make it a priority for our entire staff to provide a positive and nurturing space for your child.

Come see and explore if Genesis Classical Academy is the right kindergarten for your child!

Ellen Germain teaches Kindergarten and 1st Grade at Genesis Classical Academy. She graduated from the University of Western Kentucky and attended the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary.  She and her husband, Cory, are proud parents to very active teenagers, Emma and Cameron.