School Choice –
What Matters Most?

What Matters Most in Your Child’s Education?

Parents today have a number of options when deciding which type of education is best for their child. They can enroll in the local public school district, or open enroll into a neighboring district. Private schools (either religious or secular) or charter schools provide another option. In some cases, parents choose to homeschool or enroll their child in an online program.

But how do you decide which option is best for you and your child? Many factors come into play. Presumably, all schools strive for academic excellence – but some are significantly more effective than others. The social environment and school atmosphere can directly impact student satisfaction and learning. Do the values promoted by the school align with the core values of your family? Are there expanded learning opportunities through art, music, drama, athletics and other extracurricular activities? For many families, the cost, location of the school, and transportation options may also factor into the decision.

In a recent survey of parents of Genesis Classical Academy students, 100% of the respondents listed Academic Excellence as very important or important to their decision to enroll their child. 100% of the respondents also listed Character Education as very important or important factors in their decision and 93% listed Christian Faith as very important or important. Many parents also mentioned their appreciation for the close-knit, “family-like” environment and small class sizes at Genesis Classical Academy.

So how does Genesis Classical Academy address these three listed top priorities in education?

Academic Excellence: At Genesis Classical Academy, students are challenged to excel academically, and are given the tools and support to reach that goal. With small class size, teachers are able to individualize instruction to encourage student success, and no child “falls through the cracks”. Building on a strong foundation of fundamental skills, students are taught to analyze information, formulate a logical conclusion, and communicate effectively.

Character Education: Genesis Classical Academy is more than a school – it is a caring community of students, staff, parents, grandparents, and community volunteers. In this safe and nurturing environment, students are encouraged to look beyond themselves and see all people created in the image and likeness of God. The setting of the school at Parker Oaks Assisted Living Communities gives rich opportunities for intergenerational connections, fostering in our students a respect for persons of all ages.

A Christian Worldview: We all have a worldview, which shapes and frames how we interpret the events of our life. Education is not value-neutral. At Genesis Classical Academy, students are empowered to see through the eyes of faith, from a Biblical perspective. Growing in knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, our students at Genesis Classical Academy are becoming leaders for the future.

Is your child’s current school the best available option for your family? Would you like to know more about how a Christian classical education better prepares children for the future? Call Headmaster Renee Doyle at 507-893-3600 to receive more information or arrange a private tour of Genesis Classical Academy.