Uniform & Dress Code

Objective: Genesis Classical Academy is a workplace for students as well as for teachers. Students should dress in such a way as to demonstrate self-respect and leadership. Students attending GCA are expected to wear uniforms with a cheerful and respectful attitude. Compliance is mandatory for all GCA students.

General Principles

1. Neatness

Shirts must always be tucked into pants, shorts, skirts or skorts. Shoes must be tied. Clothing must be in good condition without excessive wear, wrinkles, or holes/tears.

2. Cleanliness

Uniforms must be neat and clean. Students must wash regularly and keep their hair neatly combed.

3. Modesty

Uniforms must be worn in a modest manner, not too tight, too loose, too small or too short. All jumpers and shorts/skorts must be no shorter than two inches above knees. Waistbands must fit at waists, and not be folded or rolled over. Girls in grades K-12 must have shorts, bike shorts or leggings/tights under jumpers. Girls in grades 2-12 must wear a t-shirt, sports bra, or bra under their shirts. No tops of stretchy, clingy fabric should be worn. No short skirts or short shorts are allowed. Outlandish clothing, cosmetics or other distracting appearance are not allowed as outlined above.

Boys in grades K-12 may wear a combination of:


    1. Pants or Shorts:navy/khaki (CP “Flax”= Khaki)
    2. Polo Shirts:white, red or light blue, short or long sleeves (CP: “Brook” = Lt. blue)
    3. Oxford Shirts:white or light blue (short or long sleeves)**
    4. Cardigans/Sweaters/Vests(no hoods): navy, V-neck** (K-5), Grey** (6th – 8th grade)- (FT)
    5. T-shirts:White may be worn under uniform shirts.
    6. Socks:matching dark blue or black crew socks (no white athletic or no-show socks are allowed.)

Girls in grades K-12 may wear a combination of:

  1. Jumpers/ Polo dresses: khaki/ navy** must fall at the line behind the knee (CP: “Sesame” = khaki/ “Tital” = navy).
  2. Pants or Skorts:navy/khaki
  3. Polo Shirts:white, red, or light blue, short or long sleeve (CP: “Daybreak” = Lt. blue)
  4. Oxford Shirts:white, or light blue, short or long sleeve
  5. Turtlenecks: white or red
  6. Sweaters:navy **
  7. Cardigans:navy**
  8. Leggings:white, navy or black (worn only under jumpers/dresses/skorts)
  9. Tights or Socks:anklets in white or knee-high socks in navy or white (If worn with a jumper/skirt/dress, students must also wear bike shorts. No-show socks are not allowed.)
  • T-shirts/Sports Bras/ Bras:white (under all shirts for girls in grades 2-12)

Dress Uniform for Special Occasions:

  1. Boys: PreK-5th:navy pants (pull up elastic band is allowed for PreK only), white long-sleeved Oxford shirt, navy cardigan or vest (FT), with the official school logo, navy tie, black or brown belt and black or brown dress shoes. A white short sleeve oxford with the official school logo for Spring.
  2. Boys: 6th-12thgrade: navy pants, short or long-sleeve Oxford shirt, grey sweater (FT) with official school logoand plaid tie (FT). Black or brown belt and black or brown dress shoes. A white short sleeve oxford with the official school logo for Spring.
  3. Girls: PreK-5th:navy jumper that is no shorter than the crease behind the knee (CP, ON, FT) with official school logo, white Oxford (CP) or Peter Pan long-sleeved shirt (FT), white tights and black or brown dress shoes. White short sleeve oxford with official school logo for Spring.
  4. Girls: 6th-12thgrade: plaid skirt that is no shorter than the crease behind the knee (FT), white short-sleeve Peter Pan or Oxford shirt with official school logo for Spring, navy sweater with official school logo (all items from FT), white anklets and black or brown dress shoes.


  1. The school administration will determine if there is a violation of the Uniform and Dress Code Policy, either in fact or attitude.
  2. Students not complying with the Uniform and Dress Code Policy will be required to rectify their appearance as quickly as possible, and continued non-compliance (including grumbling and challenging attitudes) will be subject to disciplinary action.
  3. Cheerful, consistent compliance is expected.

Additional Uniform Guidelines

  1. All upper body dress uniform items must have the official school logo on the left chest. Shirts with monograms or logos, other than the school logo, are not allowed. When worn they must be clean and without stains at the start of the day.
  2. Hats:Students are not allowed to wear hats while in the school building.
  3. Shorts (boys)/Skorts (girls):Students are allowed to wear uniform shorts when the weather is warm, generally in September and springtime. They may be no shorter than two inches above the knee.
  4. Belts:A belt must be worn with pants or shorts for both boys and girls. Belts may be black or brown. No cloth belts, belts with embellishments, bling, or rivets allowed.
  5. Shoes:Students may wear black or brown dress shoes for dress attire, without stripes or embellishments. Tennis shoes with non-marking soles are allowed for regular school days. Tennis shoes must be clean, in good condition without holes or a lot of scuffs. Boots, sandals and flip-flops are not allowed. A sandal is considered any shoe with an open back or toe, with or without a strap.
  6. Tights/socks:Boys may wear matching dark blue or black crew socks. Girls in K-8 may wear matching white tights with jumpers or skorts or dark blue socks with pants. During cold weather, girls may also wear navy, white or black leggings under jumpers, dresses, or skirts. White anklets or white and navy knee-highs may be worn under jumpers, dresses and skirts if bike shorts are worn underneath. White athletic or no-show socks are not in compliance for boys/girls.
  7. Hair:Boys and girls must have neat and well-groomed hair that does not fall into or cover the eyes. Boys hair must be cut above the eyebrows, over the ears and above the back of the collar. Unnatural hair colorants are not allowed. Girls may wear flat headbands, scrunchies, ribbons or ties in their hair. The items should match the uniform without drawing attention.
  8. Make-up:Elementary school girls may not wear make-up. Lip balm and uncolored lip gloss is permitted. Girls may wear light colored, neatly applied nail polish.
  9. Jewelry:Boys may not wear earrings. Girls may wear stud earring only. Boys and girls may wear no other jewelry on the face (nose, eyebrow, lip, tongue, etc.) Any kind of distracting jewelry is not allowed. Watches are allowed.
  10. Plain, white t-shirts may be worn under uniform shirts.

Special Attire Events/Days

  1. As the Headmaster determines, events like P.E. and field trips may call for other clothing options.
  2. Special days may be scheduled such as non-uniform day, dress-up day or spirit week, during which other clothing is allowed. Students may wear game jerseys on game day, if requested by their coach.
  3. Students may wear sandals or flip-flops on non-uniform days.
  4. On such days, students are expected to observe standards of dress code and grooming as outlined in this policy that emphasize modesty and respect of Christian values.

Physical Education Attire

  1. Students grades 2-12 will need 2 sets of PE gear:
    1. Fall and Spring(warmer weather) – each student will need 2-grey t-shirts (GCA shirts are preferred but not required) and 2-pair of plain navy shorts (modest).
    2. Winter(colder weather) each student will need 2-grey t-shirts, and plain, navy sweatpants, and a grey or navy sweatshirt (GCA gear is preferred but not required).


Embroidery (other than the GCA emblem), sandals, fashion or cowboy boots, clogs, corduroy, denim, capris, cargo pants/shorts, hooded sweaters/sweatshirts, hats, scarves, bandanas, lace, ruffles, or distracting style (e.g. dyed or unkept hair, boys’ earrings, no-show socks, torn or soiled clothes, overdone makeup or jewelry, tattoos, immodesty, visible undergarments or camisoles, over or undersized clothing, long hair or facial hair for boys, cross-dressing, etc.)

*All pants and shorts must be uniform pants, simple in design with no obvious advertising or company logo. Uniform pants may not be: cargo style, zip-off style, warm-up style, sweatpants, stretch pants or denim jeans.

**(minimum of one with school logo.)