At GCA we strive for academic excellence in the classical tradition with the purpose of inculcating a Biblical worldview. The balance of these distinctives is unique to our school in Winnebago, Minnesota.

Biblical Worldview

Everyone has a worldview, a set of beliefs that answer the most important questions of life. GCA guides students through these questions and examines the answers provided by God in His Word. Older students compare the Bible’s claims to other worldviews. This honest, guided approach allows young people to graduate knowing what they hold true, why they believe it, and how to engage others.


Classical Tradition

A rigorous, classical education at GCA is not heady or dry. This approach engages and delights students at every level.

  • Classroom approaches that complement children’s developmental stages and challenges even the brightest child
  • Content that explores the wealth of human history, thought and expression
  • Latin as a key to understanding the English language and scientific classifications
  • Leadership and Statesmanship


Academic Excellence

The pursuit of excellence for the glory of God should be evident in all that we do. Academic pursuit is no exception. It is our goal to equip children to academically excel in education, employment and life.

GCA offers a broad liberal arts curriculum including math, science, grammar, humanities, Latin, fine arts, music, logic, rhetoric, and world languages.