Genesis Classical Academy to Hold Informational Meeting

For Immediate Release For More Information Contact: Bill Erickson
June 18, 2015 507-893-3155

Genesis Classical Academy to Hold Informational Meeting

Residents in the Winnebago area will have a chance to see what their new school, Genesis Classical Academy, is all about at a public meeting to be held on Thursday, June 25, 2015. Parents of potential students and those wishing to invest in our children and our region are invited for a presentation on classical Christian education and the new school opening in the fall of 2015. Organizers are hosting the meeting in Dikkers Hall at Parker Oaks, 211 6th St NW, Winnebago, MN beginning at 6:30 p.m. A complimentary meal will be served followed by a one-hour informational meeting.

Guest speaker, Rebekah Hagstrom, Headmaster at Liberty Classical Academy in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, will also be presenting. Hagstrom was an original founder of Liberty, a similar classical school that was started in 2003. She will provide an overview of the classical education model that is used at Liberty and is being used as a model for the new school in Winnebago.

Materials will be available for parents considering this new educational option. Those interested in enrollment will be able to sign up at the meeting.

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Area Survey Results Support New Private School

For Immediate Release For More Information Contact: Bill Erickson
May 21, 2015 507-893-3155

Area Survey Results Support New Private School

The Winnebago Area Education Task Force continues to work with Genesis Classical Academy (GCA) in establishing a private, non-denominational classical school in Winnebago, MN. Based on a seven-community survey, there appears to be significant interest supporting the initial phase of starting a PreK-2nd grade school this fall. Over 120 surveys were returned with a positive overall rating. The highest scoring reasons for attending GCA were individualized instruction scoring 2.8 out of 3 possible points and academic rigor and Christian perspective scoring 2.5 and 2.3 respectively.

Organizers emphasize that this will be a private school, not a public charter school. Genesis Classical Academy will begin with PreK-2nd grade and will continue adding grades each year. Teacher recruiting and training will begin shortly.

The Task Force completed its survey of possible locations and is in the process of securing a multi-functional, expandable site. Curriculum review and preparation of syllabus outlines are underway, including input from Christian leaders in the community.

The group has been able to make use of the legal and organizational work of Genesis Classical Academy. Genesis has applied for non-profit religious educational school status and much of the initial work on procuring the classical curriculum and policies has been completed. Local foundational board members have been appointed from the interest group. These include local businessmen Scott Robertson and Bill Erickson, Pastor Dennis Anders, retired educator Lois Willmert, and Renee Doyle, an Amboy resident who was an active part of the original Genesis group.

Plans are being made for a public meeting to present the new educational opportunity to the area residents and their children. Area residents interested in receiving progress updates should contact

GCA Receives Coverage in Mankato Free Press


Winnebago Task Force Explores Possibility of Opening Private School

by Jessica Bies

With Winnebago Elementary closing its doors to students in just a few weeks, a group of residents is exploring the possibility of opening a private classical school to take its place.

The Winnebago Education Task Force represents a group of 20 to 30 Winnebago-area community members with the stated goal of providing high-quality education to local children. It also seeks to keep the town an attractive locale for young parents, said task force member and First Financial Bank President Bill Erickson.

Which is why it’s teaming up with Genesis Classical Academy, a locally based nonprofit, to survey area residents about whether they’d be interested in sending their kids to a Winnebago-based private school instead of packing them onto buses bound for Blue Earth or Maple River. [continue reading…]

Task Force Explores School in Winnebago

For Immediate Release For More Information Contact: Bill Erickson
April 21, 2015 507-893-3155

Task Force Explores School in Winnebago

Area residents can expect to receive a survey in the next few days from the Winnebago Education Task Force. The task force is exploring the establishment of a private school in Winnebago and is evaluating area support.

“We would like to provide another high quality educational option for children in this area,” stated Scott Robertson, one of the task force members. “We need to get an idea of what the interest level is and how many kids could be served. Community members without school children have also expressed interest in the concept, and the survey will allow them to respond as well.”

In 2008 the task force took a serious look at starting a charter school in Winnebago, but changes to Minnesota charter school laws prevented start up. Task force members, originally interested in the charter school idea, decided to look into the private school concept.

Recently, Genesis Classical Academy, a newly-formed private school entity, approached the task force with the idea of planting a rigorous academic school with a non-denominational Christian perspective in the Winnebago area.

The survey asks what reasons parents might consider enrolling their children in the school, and the ages of potential students.

Robertson says he is pleased with the opportunity that has presented itself and he looks forward to reviewing the survey response for interest in a school that would help students to grow in wisdom and academic excellence.

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