Sing Praise to the Lord! Music in the Classical Christian Curriculum

Let them praise his name with dancing and make music to him with timbrel and harp. Psalm 149:3 NIV

This summer, I attended the Music Practicum at the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS) Conference. The topic was “Rightly Ordering the Musical Affections of our Students and Community.” In classical education, students are taught to read, write and sing in the language of music. The first instrument a child learns to use is his/her God-given voice. Read more

Making a Difference – Right Here, Right Now!

Genesis Classical Academy Matching Gift Challenge

Genesis Classical Academy is pleased to announce their 2017 Matching Gift Challenge. For a limited time, a group of donors has pledged to match all financial donations to the school, dollar-for- dollar, up to a total of $35,000! Read more

Shop with Scrip –
An Easy Way to Support GCA!

Tired of door-to-door fundraising? Would you like to get paid to shop? Want to help keep tuition costs for your student as low as possible? Even if you don’t have a child attending, would you just like to support GCA every time you shop or give and use gift cards? Read more

What’s for lunch? Easy & nutritious school lunch ideas!

Can a sack lunch be easy, nutritious and affordable? I think so! As a working mother of three, I don’t have time for anything complicated or time consuming, but my kids need sack lunches for school packed almost every day. Read more

New Faces, New Spaces –
What’s New at Genesis Classical Academy?

While Genesis Classical Academy students have been enjoying their summer break, the administrators and board, teachers and staff, and many volunteers have been working hard to prepare for our third year of operation! Read more

Dress for Success –
the Case for Uniforms

At Genesis Classical Academy, students wear uniforms. Uniforms have traditionally been required in private and parochial schools, but in recent years there has been an increase in required uniforms even in the public schools.1 What is the rationale for uniforms? Read more

Ready… Set… Go?
Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

As the corn grows taller and tassels out, and the summer days grow shorter, the questioning begins. Should we send our child to kindergarten in the fall, or do we wait another year? Is Johnny ready? Will Susie be able to keep up? Read more

Why I Chose Classical Education –
One Mother’s Story

Sarah Stensland is a mother to three children. She and her husband were born and raised in southern Minnesota, but six years ago moved to California for her husband’s work. This is her story of why she chose classical education. Read more

13 Ways to Conquer
Kids’ Summer Boredom

Half of the summer has come and gone! Parents…..are you hearing the words “I’m bored” too frequently? How can you keep kids engaged, without over scheduling in structured activities or defaulting to too much screen time? Here is a list of family-friendly and budget-friendly activities to help you make the most of the remaining days of summer: Read more

School Choice –
What Matters Most?

What Matters Most in Your Child’s Education?

Parents today have a number of options when deciding which type of education is best for their child. They can enroll in the local public school district, or open enroll into a neighboring district. Private schools (either religious or secular) or charter schools provide another option. In some cases, parents choose to homeschool or enroll their child in an online program. Read more