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Seeing the Blessing in the Struggle

by Jamie Bonnema This past year has been a struggle and a blessing. At both ends it has been immensely intense. Some may find it odd to even think about this past year as a blessing when at times we would rather close that chapter and never remember. But through this amazing struggle, I have […]

Let Me Sum Up

by Jamie Bonnema “Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.” If you know this line, then you are probably a fan of the movie The Princess Bride. As I write this article, I am thinking to myself that there is too much going on in my mind for a blog, […]

Where Did You Go?

by Jamie Bonnema It seems that the ink in the pen has been dry for quite a while. The fluid thoughts and heartfelt responses to everyday life came to a screeching halt when suddenly more was on the plate than anyone expected. The moments in which ideas did began to form were stolen by the […]

2020 Matching Gift Challenge

by Renee T. Doyle, Headmaster Dear Friend of Genesis Classical Academy: Christmas greetings from the Board, staff, students, and families of Genesis Classical Academy. What a different world we live in since we wrote last year! And yet, at Genesis Classical Academy, we have received many blessings in the midst of this most difficult year: […]

New Spaces – and New Faces in 2020

Genesis Classical Academy has just completed the first quarter of the 2020 – 2021 school year on our new campus at the edge of town, and we are settling in nicely to our new spaces. We also have added many “new faces” this year, including 24 new students and several highly-qualified teaching and support staff.

The Star Thrower

by Judy Ness I just ordered a new poster for my wall—a modern-day parable. In many ways, it defines the work of our dedicated staff, families, and volunteers at Genesis Classical Academy. There are multiple versions of this modern-day parable in print, but all are based on “The Star Thrower” by Loren Eiseley, an American […]

Equipping Our Children

by Jamie Bonnema If I had written about a chapter of my life, specifically of the past year and a half, I would have begun the chapter by describing how challenging life has become. As this chapter drags on, I would say life is no longer a challenge—it is an intense battle. I think we […]

The Real Enemy

by Jamie Bonnema Nearly two months ago, I found myself in situations where I’d rather not be. I reacted to what was going on around me, responded to an opinion, or took a stand and ended up walking in front of a crowd to be stoned. It happened over and over again. Please don’t pity […]

Surviving the Storm

by Judy Ness My husband and I enjoy sailing as a leisure activity. He grew up learning to sail, but for me it was much later in life when I fell in love with the sea. We have been blessed to sail the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean on several occasions. On a trip […]

Gardening Tips for Playing in the Dirt

by Sarah Stensland The past few weeks and months have brought a lot of changes, and even fear, to our lives. Our idea of “normal life” has been drastically changed. Rather than living in a life of fear, I suggest we spend our time planning and producing. As I have been limited in my trips to the grocery […]