Gardening Tips for Playing in the Dirt

by Sarah Stensland

The past few weeks and months have brought a lot of changes, and even fear, to our lives. Our idea of “normal life” has been drastically changed. Rather than living in a life of fear, I suggest we spend our time planning and producing. As I have been limited in my trips to the grocery store, I’ve been comforted by the thought that soon my garden will be up and running, and I’ll readily be able to shop for vegetables in my own grocery store in my yard—my garden.

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Alone in the Wilderness

by Connie Clay

I sometimes enjoy watching television after supper. It feels good to relax after a day of work. Tonight, my husband, Dennis, and I were weary of the news—all of the fear and all of the distress in our world, caused by a virus we can’t even see. So, I suggested we watch one of our favorite DVDs, called Alone in the Wilderness. It is the rough captured video of a man in his fifties, who left the Midwest to live by himself in Alaska. It seems he needed a change. He lands by plane in the wilderness with some gear and treks over to a mountain cabin owned by a friend, where he will remain until he can get his own cabin built.

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