Seeds of Faith

Dear Genesis Friend:

I asked our students what I should write in our Matching Challenge letter for 2019, and they said, “Why don’t you tell them the pumpkin story?” I thought it was an excellent idea…

Genesis Classical Academy has been gifted pumpkins each year by a local couple, one per child, to be decorated at our annual harvest party. But they retired, and it was looking like there might not be 85 pumpkins for this year. One of our GCA moms had been trying for several years to grow pumpkins to carry on the tradition, but her attempts had been mostly futile.

Last year’s Lego Robotics team had some leftover worms from a composting science project. Instead of throwing them out, the team gave them to Mrs. Germain’s kindergarten class.  All winter, the worms lived and were fed in her classroom. In the spring, it was time for the worms to relocate, so one of the kindergarten students took them home, and dumped them with the compost material in the family garden, where they quickly wiggled into the ground.

So, what do pumpkins and worms have to do with one another? The student dumped the worms and their composting food into the same garden of the mom mentioned above.  Within a few weeks, where the worms were deposited, small sprouts appeared and then vines. The mom kept asking her daughter to try to remember what was in the compost that she had fed to the worms. The little plants grew and spread, and little green pumpkins appeared!

As the pumpkins grew, the mom dreamed of how exciting it would be if there would be enough pumpkins to share with her daughter’s now-1st-grade class. To her surprise, after harvesting the best, and lovingly washing them, there were precisely 87 perfect pumpkins.

Every child was covered. Not one was left empty-handed.

Just as God knew, a full year ahead of time, exactly how many pumpkins would be needed in 2019, He knows exactly what GCA needs to make sure that every child’s education is covered and no child is left empty-handed. Each year, we add another grade at Genesis and more students. We plant seeds of faith for tuition dollars, not knowing what kind of harvest our matching challenge will bring, but each year has brought in just enough to meet the needs of the school and end our year in the black.

This year we have a $40,000 match challenge!

That means that your contribution,

given between November 1 and December 31, 2019,

will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $40,000

for a total of $80,000!

2019 Genesis Classical Academy Students and Staff

Genesis, now in our 5th year, has grown to preschool through 8th grade, and next year, we will start our high school program with 9th grade. We need your help to raise the Christ, character, and classical bar even higher. Together with you, we are doing what was thought to be impossible in a small, rural Minnesota town. When there is vision, hard work, and gratitude, anything can be accomplished.

Thank you for your past support and faithfulness. We hope that the enclosed gift of our recent school photo will touch you as much as it does us. Please pray for Genesis, and please help us to continue to make it possible for every child in the photo, and many more to come, to find their school home at Genesis Classical Academy.



Renée T. Doyle,


P. S. Please remember to fill out the pledge/donation card or request it through GCA if you did not receive one. All pledges will be annualized and will count toward the $40,000 match. GCA is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, and contributions are tax-deductible.

Other Ways to Contribute to GCA:

  • Donations of assets such as real estate, grain, rental revenue, stocks, and property
  • GCA as a memorial recipient
  • Life insurance – GCA as the beneficiary
  • Qualified Charitable Distributions from IRAs required at retirement age *
  • 529 K-12 tuition savings plans that allow MN residents to qualify for a tax credit worth up to $500 each year. Grandparents can do this too! *

*Contact your Thrivent Financial advisor or another professional financial advisor for more information.