My View from the Driver’s Seat

by Sarah Stensland

School is well underway, and we are easing back into our routines. In the morning when I drop the kids off at school, I like to sit and watch my children physically walk into the building. I want to know that everyone has made it to where they belong before I venture off to work. Each morning, as I sit in the driver’s seat, I have quite the view out the front window. I see confident, joy-filled children heading in the front door at Genesis Classical Academy. I see smiles on their faces and hearts that are ready to help, as they eagerly greet each other and politely hold the door open for the next wave of children. I see young boys and girls dressed in uniform, ready for another successful day at school. My heart is filled with joy as I sit in the driver’s seat. 

As another school day comes to an end, I am once again behind the wheel, observing. I see children chattering with excitement from a day filled with learning and adventure. I see teachers leading and guiding. They are not only keeping the kids safe in the moment, but they are leading and guiding them to become the young men and women God has intended them to be. Once again, my heart is filled with joy.

The decision to choose a private Christian education is not an easy one. It goes against societal norms, it requires careful financial decision-making, and it requires intentional parenting. But I am the driver, and it is my job to make the best decisions I can for my children. It is my responsibility to raise them the best way I know how, not only so that they can become productive members of society, but more importantly, so that they have eternal peace in God’s love. I am in the driver’s seat, and I’m so grateful to have Genesis Classical Academy as an academic option for my children!

Sarah Stensland is a married mother to three children. She is a physical therapist, and she has a passion for healthy living.