Getting Ready for a Successful School Year

by Jamie Bonnema

With the first day of school approaching, most of us are wondering where the summer went, yet again. We may be even be ready or anxiously awaiting a “normal” routine for the kids and ready for their days to be more structured. Whether you are looking forward to the new school year routine to begin or dreading the approaching day, there are ways to help the transition go more smoothly. Having a smoother start to the school year with a consistent plan will help set the tone for what you want the rest of the year to look like. Here are some helpful tips to consider when getting ready for that first day:

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What is the Logic Behind Logic Class?

by Merilyn Yates

There are exciting days ahead at Genesis Classical Academy. In the 2019-20 school year, our oldest students will fully step into the Dialectic Phase (sometimes referred to as the Logic Phase) of their education in the first ever GCA eighth grade class. Having moved completely beyond the Grammar Phase, our young pioneers will delve into the science of Formal Logic through a virtual classroom. Logic class will become tradition for GCA eighth graders from here on into the future of our school. But why? What is the purpose of imposing a course on eighth graders, which, for decades has been largely taught to college sophomores? And just what is logic anyway? Parents, educators, and donors may be asking these questions, and rightfully so.

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What is a Classical Education? Why Does it Matter?

by Judy Ness

Genesis Classical Academy engages students in an education based on Christ, character, and classical methodology, or what we call “The Three C’s.” The first two—Christ and Character—are pretty much self-explanatory. But the third “C”—classical methodology—is more difficult to explain. What is a classical education? And more importantly, why does it matter?

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