February 2019


If art is the expression of human creativity and science requires systematic study using observation and experimentation, then wouldn’t all parents need training in both? But what if you are not the creative or intellectual type? What if you are neither an imaginative parent nor a strict formula parent? For most of us, if we...
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by Jamie Bonnema Think, for a moment, if you can relate to this scenario: A series of less than pleasant circumstances takes place. Your frustration is building along the way, but you keep trudging on, doing your best to hold your composure. And then, in a weak moment, you let your guard down, and all...
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by Kelsey Hodges As a mom of two young boys and dog owner of 2 yellow labs, I think staying active is inevitable. They seem to have endless energy, and I want to be able to keep up with them. I make time for my own workouts, but we also make it a point to...
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