January 2019


by Renee Doyle January has been especially busy at our emerging K-12 classical school. It is the month when staff members use vacation time, might be out with a winter cold or attend conferences. With a limited employee pool, we all become versatile at covering for one another’s classes. Last week, I had the opportunity...
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by Jamie Bonnema We’re all familiar with the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child” and recognize the truth in it. We need reinforcement outside of our own abilities and availability. We desire for our kids to become good stewards of their talents, persevere in their endeavors, and be securely tethered to their...
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by Sarah Stensland Do you find yourself sprinting from one activity to the next? Are you out of energy at the end of a long day? Because of this, do you settle for convenience food or go out to eat more than you would like? Some days it feels like there isn’t another choice. However, with...
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by Tamara Dicks Bedtime could be the most important part of the day as it may determine how one functions during the day hours. Bedtime rituals have even been scientifically proven to affect cognitive development. Research done by the National Center for Biotechnology Information revealed “Children in families with optimal bedtime routines showed better performance...
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